GREEN-LAWN Treatment Co. is a professional Lawn and Tree Care company servicing Cape Cod and Eastern Massachusetts. We specialize in Aeration, Overseeding, Fertilization, Hydroseeding, Weed Control, Grub Control, and Insect Management.
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Green-Lawn Treatment Company offers many specialized services to provide you with the most beautiful lawn and yard. All of our services are performed by extensively trained specialists and we use only the highest quality products available. Below is a list of the services with a detailed explanation.

Aeration - Aerating for a healthier and stronger lawn by allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to be absorbed into the roots

Overseeding - Seeding the lawn with state of the art slice seeding equipment to thicken and improve it's appearance

Balanced Fertilizing - Specifically designed and seasonally scheduled service programs to create a much more beautiful and healthy lawn

Hydroseeding - Hydroseed is a mixture of seed, fertilizer and mulch that is sprayed over the area to create a lush long lasting lawn at a reasonable cost

Weed Control - Prevents against future unwanted weed problems by attacking the root

Grub Control - Prevents insects from destroying lawn

Ant Control - Prevents ants from destroying lawn or other areas

Flea/Tick Control - Prevents further infestation and destroys existing bugs

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